Thursday, June 25, 2009

Random change of plan.

Today, I decided that I am unhappy with my weight, I wouldn't class myself as "overweight" as I weigh 55 kgs, but I would quite like to be closer to 45-50 kgs. I also lack the motivation to DO anything about this, so I figured, since no one even reads this, to blog about my attempts to lose weight and see if it motivates me. Since it's like 10.53 pm, I suppose I shall be starting tomorrow.

I also need to try and "get fit" since I intend to apply for the airforce soon, oh, and deal with the couple of pimples I get *glare*.

So, from tomorrow, I shall see how this change of heart goes, yoga anyone?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Feminism through Riki.


Oh my God, I've gone and said a dirty word.
Am I uncool now?
Is feminism uncool?
Is the freedom you enjoy uncool, too?

What pisses me off are people who've no knowledge of history and think that any mention of feminism makes one uncool, God forbid you should go against the norm, and assume that any woman who treats the subject seriously is bitter or a man-hater.

You can give up your rights, sweetie, but don't give up mine, too. And don't trust that men are going to continue to like your submissive, giggly little self once your tits start drooping. It's not like you've got a personality to make up for it.

But like, you don't have to worry about it now, right? I mean, like, it's all, like, been taken care of, like, right? We don't like, live in a patriarchal society (I know I'm using big words, but just try to keep up, darlings).

Women, especially young women these days are so complacent. They don't know or care how close they are to the largest chunk of recorded history which places women firmly at the bottom of the pile.

Which is why they're content to read women's magazines, which tell them how to change their bodies and their behaviour so that they will be beautiful and more acceptable to boys and thus claim an all-important master boyfriend, and then go on to become a wife and a mother, oh my lord, what more could you ask for? Oh, and maybe a career. On the side. Y'know. But I mean, I read Twilight and Bella didn't need a career, she just needed a man, and marriage and a baby. What a freakin' sweet role model!

God forbid you should take advantage of the resources so recently at your disposal and learn something. God forbid you should consider that life as a "single woman" might not actually be that painful. God forbid you should attempt to stop sinking back into the 1950s.

I hate to say it, but we're not actually that far off. It's still abnormal for a woman to be the higher earner in the household. If a man is not obsessed with dominating his female partner, he's still "pussywhipped" or somehow emasculated. Some schools don't even allow girls to wear pants in midwinter based purely on the fact that they are female and therefore don't deserve warmth. On top of all this, feminism is now uncool, which is really a step in the right direction, wouldn't you say?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Every time I think I've seen the worst technological advancement humanity has come up with, I'm always delivered with an unpleasant shock. As it is, we currently live in a drugged up society where people are constantly popping anti-depressants, mood elevators, and whatever other drug pharmaceutical companies come up with in order to make us "happy". Many of us, feel that such measures are unnecessary, and would dearly love to see greater control over the prescription of such drugs. However as society becomes more and more determined that we should be always happy, and never ever ever upset, our calls are becoming more and more ignored.

I've never made much of a stand against anti-depressants, other then knowing in my mind that I don't approve of them being used unless absolutely necessary, this is in part of my belief that people are supposed to feel depressed at times, and partly due to my limited interaction with people on such drugs always being negative. One person I know who was on "anti-depressants" as a preventative against post natal depression, and become determined that the computer was telling her to kill herself, she wasted no time in stopping all use of the drug, and is still very much alive today, and it's worth mentioning I think, never developed post natal depression either. I'm not about to start advocating against the use of anti-depressants however, for the simple fact, that it has come to my attention that they might very well end up being the lesser of two evils.

iPlant, a brain implant that could be used to regulate emotions is currently being developed. As far as I can it is not available for use in humans yet, and is only being tested on rats, but, Jesus fucking Christ, you have to be kidding. Who, what dim witted cretin, thinks that implanting something into your brain your brain that regulates your emotions is a good idea?! Now, I can see the arguments for something like iPlant, it would be splendid for depression, but I can also see the arguments for blowing up the planet. Furthermore, one part of the benefit of iPlant, is that it can be used to reward you for certain behaviour. That is to say, if I planted on your brain, I could set it so that when you bow down to me, you enjoy it, whenever you don't do what I tell you, you feel unhappy. No plans have been made to use this on humans yet, as it's only being tested on the rat subjects, but seriously, do we want something that is capable of doing this existing?

I know that we would have the choice to not put this thing in our heads, and that some can argue that if used responsibly would have no, or little, negative side effects, but tell me, if this thing is to be developed, what on earth is going to stop a government like China from inserting it into every citizens head?

I have two main arguments against the Iplant, one is that, as modern society advances, and technology advances with us, Governments around the world are finding more and more ways to watch us, through the use of video cameras and the like. How far, are we willing to let technology advance in their favour? Do we really want to risk a government being able to control every aspect of our lives, right down to our emotions?

Secondly, humans are supposed to get upset, we're supposed to feel down. It's our emotions that make us what we are, and who we are. The way we feel shouldn't be tampered with in such an invasive manner. We have a smorgasbord of emotions, and as a society we need to learn to start accepting all of them, not just the "good" ones.

This is really poorly written, not well thought out, and is nothing more than an impassioned rant, never mind. As we still have free will, I can't tell you to oppose iPlant, or if they're ever made available for public use to choose not to get one, but I for one, will be making sure that there is nothing in my mind except for my own thoughts.

Youtube Video
iPlant Website

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I recently purchased the new Green Day album, and, I fucking love it. It's catchy, addictive, and well, I love Green Day in general. Reading reviews about it however, quickly reminded me how butthurt everyone got when they realised it once again didn't sound a thing like Dookie. For fucks sakes.

Green Day haven't made an album that sounded like Dookie, since well, Dookie, for which, in all honesty, we should be glad of. Yes, I love Dookie, however, if they had released ten or so Dookie albums I would be pretty fed up of it by now. One of the things that have managed to keep Green Day going for so long is their ability to make diverse albums, a band can't keep producing a carbon copy of it's first big album, it gets boring and lame.

Then we have the arguement that they're too political, and that musicians should entertain us, not push their views down our throats. Oh ok, did you tell the beatles that? Do you accuse the Sex Pistol's of being too political? In alot of ways, muscians are like journalists, they report the world as they see it to us, so so what if Green Day are seeing more then masterbation in the world these days? Yes they have political views, and yes they're reporting them back to us, but, if that's what it takes for them to produce fucking good albums, then I'm willing to accept it.

End rant.

On another note, I'm really digging short black dresses and tights XD

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Can I live up to my name?

I don't even know where this blog is going :)

Introductions are neccesary, so I'm a 19 year old girl, attempting to find a purpose in life, and searching for it on a blog.