Monday, June 22, 2009

Feminism through Riki.


Oh my God, I've gone and said a dirty word.
Am I uncool now?
Is feminism uncool?
Is the freedom you enjoy uncool, too?

What pisses me off are people who've no knowledge of history and think that any mention of feminism makes one uncool, God forbid you should go against the norm, and assume that any woman who treats the subject seriously is bitter or a man-hater.

You can give up your rights, sweetie, but don't give up mine, too. And don't trust that men are going to continue to like your submissive, giggly little self once your tits start drooping. It's not like you've got a personality to make up for it.

But like, you don't have to worry about it now, right? I mean, like, it's all, like, been taken care of, like, right? We don't like, live in a patriarchal society (I know I'm using big words, but just try to keep up, darlings).

Women, especially young women these days are so complacent. They don't know or care how close they are to the largest chunk of recorded history which places women firmly at the bottom of the pile.

Which is why they're content to read women's magazines, which tell them how to change their bodies and their behaviour so that they will be beautiful and more acceptable to boys and thus claim an all-important master boyfriend, and then go on to become a wife and a mother, oh my lord, what more could you ask for? Oh, and maybe a career. On the side. Y'know. But I mean, I read Twilight and Bella didn't need a career, she just needed a man, and marriage and a baby. What a freakin' sweet role model!

God forbid you should take advantage of the resources so recently at your disposal and learn something. God forbid you should consider that life as a "single woman" might not actually be that painful. God forbid you should attempt to stop sinking back into the 1950s.

I hate to say it, but we're not actually that far off. It's still abnormal for a woman to be the higher earner in the household. If a man is not obsessed with dominating his female partner, he's still "pussywhipped" or somehow emasculated. Some schools don't even allow girls to wear pants in midwinter based purely on the fact that they are female and therefore don't deserve warmth. On top of all this, feminism is now uncool, which is really a step in the right direction, wouldn't you say?

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