Thursday, June 11, 2009


I recently purchased the new Green Day album, and, I fucking love it. It's catchy, addictive, and well, I love Green Day in general. Reading reviews about it however, quickly reminded me how butthurt everyone got when they realised it once again didn't sound a thing like Dookie. For fucks sakes.

Green Day haven't made an album that sounded like Dookie, since well, Dookie, for which, in all honesty, we should be glad of. Yes, I love Dookie, however, if they had released ten or so Dookie albums I would be pretty fed up of it by now. One of the things that have managed to keep Green Day going for so long is their ability to make diverse albums, a band can't keep producing a carbon copy of it's first big album, it gets boring and lame.

Then we have the arguement that they're too political, and that musicians should entertain us, not push their views down our throats. Oh ok, did you tell the beatles that? Do you accuse the Sex Pistol's of being too political? In alot of ways, muscians are like journalists, they report the world as they see it to us, so so what if Green Day are seeing more then masterbation in the world these days? Yes they have political views, and yes they're reporting them back to us, but, if that's what it takes for them to produce fucking good albums, then I'm willing to accept it.

End rant.

On another note, I'm really digging short black dresses and tights XD

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